Chrono Classic 2024 final results

Dear Competitors!

Thank you for honoring us and traveling along the Chrono Classic route. Enthusiastic crowds awaited the motorcade at several points along the 270 km route, in addition to Tiszafüred, Felsőtárkány, Mezőkövesd, especially in the city of Eger, the atmosphere of the Dobó tér finish set our hearts racing.

We hope that everyone will remember the race as a great, shared experience, it was a day of fantastic cars and people, and we, as organizers, enjoyed every minute.

We would like to thank the settlements for paying special attention to the arrival of the field and for recruiting enthusiastic fans to the spectacular locations.

The smooth operation of the event was helped by our cooperating partners, without whom we would not have been able to give such high-quality gifts, experiences, and impulses.

We visited beautiful places and our photographers did their best. You can find the pictures of Péter Hilbert, Gergő Keserű and Valéria Tálai arranged in albums by clicking on the Photo/Video menu item, we thank them for their enthusiasm!

Please share only pictures in which you appeared, never the entire album. If you don't like a picture, let us know immediately and we will remove it from the album.

Remember that the stickers on the cars are made of recoverable material, but the adhesive will not remain on the car unless you remove them from the cars within 3-4 weeks, after which the solvent evaporates and bonds much better to the surface.

Thank you once again for coming and celebrating Chrono Classic with us with your beloved cars!

See you in 2025!

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